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Getting older is a part of life, but for some people that means hearing loss, which results in the need for hearing aids.

Hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars, but a new bill will allow stores to sell hearing aids over the counter for a more affordable price in August of 2020.

“There’s a lot of variability in how much a hearing aid cost,” said Dr. John Mason. “The factors that go into it include the technology and the location where it’s purchased so its range is broad.”

For those with mild to moderate hearing loss, like Louis Carr, an expensive hearing aid from the doctor isn’t needed.

Louis Carr, who has mild hearing loss said, “I saw an advertisement on television for it and the price was very reasonable compared to some of the extreme costs that the hearing doctor.”

The price Carr paid?

“$200 and it has at least a year to two worth of batteries,” said Carr.

The new bill in Congress will allow companies to sell generic hearing aids over the counter that are similar to custom made ones.

“The FDA is studying these. In their study, they require that the scientific technology is similar and although that’s broad language. That gives directions for manufacturers so they’re supposed to be similar in their scientific technology in a hearing aid,” said Dr. Mason.

Carr said although his hearing aid is generic, it works just fine for what he needs it for.

“They do amplify the volume on the television and my phone calls.”

The hearing aids that are set to become available in 2020 are only for adults and will be for those who have mild to moderate hearing loss.

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